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:) yeah! i was so friggin' stoked! becca, erik and myself went, and had an awesome time. we were real close to the stage too, and to the speakers. it was so loud, bring deaf has never been so much fun!
4 bands played before AA, Kids in the way, Sanctus real, Superchic[k], and pillar.
awesome. awesome, awesome.
pillar puts on a great show.
well to the BEST part of the night! they were bringing AA on stage, and they had a curtain up across the stage, after some boring announcements, they started playing "clap your hands". when the guitarts stared in the song, they dropped the curtain and there was a huge flash of light, and the show began. it was sweet.
they played until my heart caves in, Worldwide, Mighty Good Leader.....let's skip ahead to the BEST part!
They started playing "beautiful", ...... well long story short, i got to go onstage! mark pionts at me and becca to go up there, which totally made my year. nothings better that sharing a stage with your favorite band.
and i even got to sing part of the song with Mark! i was so stoked.
well actually he holds the mic towards me, and i TOOK the mic from him, and started walking al over the stage, i worked that audience..haha like it was my concert. when i got done, he gave me a high five, and...a hug!!!
one of the best sweaty hugs i'll ever recieve. :)
and no, i didn't have a camera.
i shall never EVER forgive myself for that.

yeah it was amazing. so awesomely cool.
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