love_just_is15 (love_just_is15) wrote in authentic_girls,

HEY! My Name is Sarah and I just found this awesome community that I just got accepted into. I'm 16 years old and go through what ever 16 year old goes through Love,Hate, Temptation everything that your normal average young women does. I live in Canada, so I'll probably spell things a bit differently. I love to sing act and dance and write songs and poems.

The Lord has become so close to me lately, I would like that realationship with the Lord to grow even bigger on me.

My favourite Christian artists are:

Rebecca St James!!!! On my top list, her music creates that sort of amazing feeling. Makes you feel and know that God is close to you.
Bethany Dillon
Point of Grace
Kutless (Just got into them now when I saw them May 21 at Canada's Wonderland Christian Day!)
Joy Williams
There is soooo many to name I can't name them all.

I'm glad I came across this community!
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