lilspirit116 (lilspirit116) wrote in authentic_girls,

I have been hesistant about writing exactly what happened at wildwood, if only because i thought if i did, then i might have to actually follow up on it. Which sounds horrid, bit somtimes it is easier to just live with somthing in your head then to dare speak it out loud. Plus when you do people tend to think you are lecturing them. See, these past two years i have gone to pondi, and i know that GOd has had a purpose for those two years there, but this year it was like i was being directed to go Wildwood. So its about a week before and i am still kinda wrestling with GOd because this is like the last year i can go and be with my friends, and its like, well if that is the purpose for going then that is kinda off centered anyway. As much as i want to sit here and replay the entire week, that is not the purpose of this journal entry. The purpose of this journal entry is to say what God taught me, but most of all to give glory to God and all his workings. One of the biggest things i learned was to trust God in all things. See my team went on this hike, or what we thought was going to be a hike. Then our leader said, women of maleu, you are all blind. Now mind the ratio of guys to girls is like 3 to1. So the guys were guiding us, but they were mute. so they Couldnt talk to us, but we had to trust them. Because at one point, we were crossing a river on this fallen tree, and if we didnt trust them, we not only and fall and be hurt, but we could make them fall and be hurt also. So we kinda just had to let our selves be led, and know that it was okay. Which to me was a definit learning experience. I like to be in control and know that i am in control, to be able to see what is happening, and be able to make my own rational decisions. Somthing God and i wrestle with a lot. SO having to let go of that control , was a little difficult, but most defintly worth it. Is anyone else seeing the spirtual parellel? have to let go and let God guide me and my life. If i try to do it on my own, i am likely to fall into the river this world and get hurt kinda badly. So here is lesson number one, Let go and let God. He may not talk to you while he is guiding you but you have to trust that the God that loves you more then you caqn imagine who is so gentle ans wishes you no harm, is guiding you , not forcfully, but with gentle patience. My mind cannot wrap itself around that. To be truthful, it kinda scares me a bit. yet i know there is no reason to fear, because he knows your thoughts and just wants to love you. That being said, i hopw this wasnt to long, but i hope it makes sense. It just kinda touched me deeply and i am just still reeling. Anyway, God bless everyone

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