My name is who I am... thus, my name is Me. Deal. (rosesnthorns65) wrote in authentic_girls,
My name is who I am... thus, my name is Me. Deal.

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God has gifted me with a rather talented singing voice, but I never truly realized it until now! I auditioned for my church's treble choir, Bel Canto (which happens to be one of the most elite choirs in the country), in June. The director, Scott, said he'd wait to put me in until I had explored my upper range.
So, I gave up basicly my entire summer to train my voice. I re-auditioned two days ago, displaying the new techniques I had learned. So, with infuriating calmness, Scott sat Mom and me down and talked about my voice for fifteen minutes. I didn't catch on until the end, that I had gotten in!!!
This shows, that, indeed, God's plan for me involves my voice. I think I'm started to catch on!
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